Another Milky Way by Mostafa Hamad

An absolutely stunning timelapse photo by Mostafa Hamad. It is composed of 5000 photos taken within 48 hours.

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Up Close and Personal with Humpback Whales by Duncan Murrell

Duncan Murrell aka "Whaleman" has been taking intimate close-range photos of whales for 20 years. He takes a small craft out every summer, tracking the whales as they hunt for food, and paddles up to 30 miles a day. These amazing shots were taken in the Tenakee Inlet in Southeast Alaska.

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Son Doong Cave by Carsten Peter

The Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is the world's largest cave. It is so large that there's a forest inside of it. Here are some amazing photos of the cave taken by Carsten Peter.

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Miniature Worlds by Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson is a self-proclaimed "painter with a camera". These gorgeous worlds, which take nearly a month to create, are stitched together using hundreds of photos. Although they are assembled digitally, each piece is almost purely based in photography. 

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Astonishing Photos of Winter by Elena Shumilova

Elena Shumilova is an incredibly talented photographer who knows all the right ingredients for taking a beautiful photo. Her winter photos perfectly capture innocence, youth and wonder. Check out more of her fantastic photos on 500px.

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