Winter Wonderland NYC Style by Dustin Cantrell

Dustin Cantrell is a photographer from California, so naturally when Winter Storm Nemo came through New York City, he went outside to capture the wonderful aftermath of the blizzard. Below are a few beauties of Central Park and the surrounding area. Here's how he described the experience, "I kept on having flashbacks to how I imagine life was before technology."

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Astonishing Photos of Winter by Elena Shumilova

Elena Shumilova is an incredibly talented photographer who knows all the right ingredients for taking a beautiful photo. Her winter photos perfectly capture innocence, youth and wonder. Check out more of her fantastic photos on 500px.

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Macro Snowflakes by Andrew Osokin

Photographer Andrew Osokin is a specialist at capturing life's smallest treasures. Using a Nikon D80/D90 and a 60mm/90mm macro lens, he captures everything from insects to flowers and notably here, snowflakes. These photos beautifully capture the amazing shapes and formations of melting snow.

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Tigers in the Snow by Bobby McLeod

Some beautiful photos of Siberian tigers in Seoul, Korea shot by Bobby McLeod.

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