Heroines by Ian Reyes

Beautiful series of women dressed in super hero attire by Ian Reyes. More to come later.

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Disney Princesses by Promise Phan!

Self taught make up artist Promise Phan turns herself into Disney princesses!

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BDBA Spring/Summer 2012

Lovely outfits from BDBA's Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook.

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Hollywood Gold featuring Estella Warren

Beautiful shoot featuring Estalla Warren shot by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg. See more at The Glamourai!

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Charlotte Olympia's Dolly Pumps as Famous Paintings by Boyarde Messenger

Fashion designer Charlotte Olympia commissioned artist Boyarde Messenger to re-create famous paintings onto her Dolly pumps. One hundred hand-painted pairs of shoes were created for Neiman Marcus and Art Basel Miami.

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Charles James 1948 Collection by Cecil Beaton

A spectacular photo of the Charles James 1948 Collection! Photo by Cecil Beaton for Vogue.

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Groom Bows and Ties

The girls over at Wedding Chicks provided this great set of groom looks with bows and ties from For more information about the photos and specific ties shown, visit this great article from the Wedding Chicks.

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Beyoncé Knowles: The Queen B by Patrick Demarchelier

Beyoncé has been everywhere since the beginning of the year. From the Presidential Inauguration to the Super Bowl to her own HBO special, she has ruled the entertainment airways, and it's not hard to see why. Patrick Demarchelier did an amazing job capturing the confidence and beauty that is Beyoncé for Vogue's March 2013 issue.

You can read the article from Vogue or watch the behind the scenes video.

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The Great Gatsby by Signe Vilstrup for Harrods Magazine

I'm not sure why, but 1920's fashion has been making its way back in full force, and I like it. This shoot by Signe Vilstrup, for Harrods Magazine, gives us a glimpse back at the Roaring Twenties. The styles are simple, yet elegant, and are getting me pumped up to see the upcoming Great Gatsby movie.

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Rockabilly Girl Ulya Trukhina by Yana Kalina

If every girl from the 1950's looked this good in Rockabilly fashion, it never would have went out of style. Ulya Trukhina pulls off the beauty and innocence of the bygone days with perfection. Thank you Yana Kalina for bringing us this amazing set.

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