Groom Bows and Ties

The girls over at Wedding Chicks provided this great set of groom looks with bows and ties from For more information about the photos and specific ties shown, visit this great article from the Wedding Chicks.

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Italian Wedding by David Burton

This is an absolutely stunning wedding series shot by David Burton. If these photos are staged by models, they were done perfectly. Burton does a great job capturing the moods and feelings of a wedding. Shot for Elle Bride Italia 2010.

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Eva Mendes by Marino Parisotto

Eva Mendes stars in this wonderful series for the 2008 Campari calendar. Eva is featured in twelve different fairytales each with unreal dreamscapes and rich and dramatic narrative. You can find out more about this shoot by reading the official press realease. Shot by Marino Parisotto.

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Fashion Collage Illustrations by Berto Martinez

Berto Martinez effortlessly combines fashion illustrations into these wonderfully colorful and stylish collages. Each one has its own influences and a fitting theme. You can check out more of his fashion illustrations on Behance, or an incredibly wide range of other subjects at his blog.

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Lust For Love by Nicoline Patricia Malina

Lust for Love tells an amazing story that needs no words. Photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina creates an incredibly rich, touching, and emotional images for this Harper's Bazaar Indonesia Febuary 2011 editorial. It feels as if each vibrant image was pulled straight from a movie.

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