Black and White Fashion Photography by Szymon Brodziak

Szymon Brodziak is a Polish fashion photogapher specializing in unconventional black and white advertising campaigns. He studied economics in school but found his passion in photography. While working as a wedding reporter, he learned to capture unique moments and emotions. His work often features beautiful women in sensual poses.

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At the Beach with Nina Leen

Nina Leen was one of the first female photographers for Life magazine. This is one of her beautiful series' featuring women at the beach.

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UTOPIYA'11 by Maya Nightingale

A very interesting series by Maya Nightingale filled with great geometric shapes. 

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Italian Wedding by David Burton

This is an absolutely stunning wedding series shot by David Burton. If these photos are staged by models, they were done perfectly. Burton does a great job capturing the moods and feelings of a wedding. Shot for Elle Bride Italia 2010.

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Black and White Fashion Photography by Nikola Borissov

Nikola Borissov's black and white portraits are quite entrancing. It's no wonder he's been featured in high profile magazines across the fashion industry. You can check out more of his photos on Deviantart.

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