Book Cutout Art by Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Alexander Korzer-Robinson creates his book art pieces by cutting around some illustrations in the book and removing others. This art focuses on the "inner landscape". Visit his site here for more of his work.

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Crazy Hair by CuldeSac and Studio Marisol

Lady Gaga would be jealous of the hair stylings by CuldeSac and Studio Marisol for the Boisbuchet Workshops. In this current edition of Boisbuchet Workshops CuldeSac and Studio Marisol will be using human hair as their working and inspirational raw material. Find out more at Yatzer.

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Marilyn Monroe Tape Art by Erika Iris Simmons

It takes incredible vision to create such a great likeness with found objects, but Erika Simmons does just that. Check out some more of her work on Flickr, she makes art out of just about everything.

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Boundary Painting by Chloe Early

Chloe Early skillfully mixes multiple elements in this painting to create an entirely new scene and meaning. Alone, these elements may not mean much, but taken together, they can tell an entire story. Check out more of Chloe's work here.

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Make Your Own Path Poster by Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson takes the meaning of a map and turns it on its head. Instead of using a map your way, he instead gives the message of creating your own path. You can find more of Doug Wilson's work here.

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