Heaven and Hell by Jason Poturica

This is one of those photos that makes you go "Wow". It's moments like this that you realize the beauty in life. It was shot by Jason Poturica in a weekend trip to Turtle Mountain.

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Chanel Logo Lollipop by Massimo Gammacurta

Massimo Gammacurta's book, Lolli-Pop, is a still life project where he turns major brands into lollipops. He also distributed these lollipops to bloggers to much fan fair.

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Before the Storm by Zhang Jingna

I highly recommend the photo work of Zhang Jingna. She perfectly captures her models in elegant and expressive photos.

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Masquerade Party Photo by Jimmy Backius

For some reason, any picture imitating Baroque style clothing has an elegant feel to it. The photography was taken by Jimmy Backius for Elle Magazine Sweden.

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A Moment Suspended In Time by Marcin Stawiarz

This is a wonderful black and white photo of a street in Lodz, Poland taken by Marcin Stawiarz. The contrast created by making this a black and white photo is what makes it so great.

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