Averaged Faces and Human Beauty by Bill Lytton

Photographer Bill Lytton took the averages of the world's most beautiful people and regular people to see what makes a face beautiful. On the left side of the images you see the attractive faces, on the right the regular faces. Read more about this interesting study at Peta Pixel.

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Thank me later poster design by Maxime Quoilin

A simple yet beautiful and elegant poster design by Maxime QuoilinSimple yet beautiful and elegant poster designs by Maxime QuoilinThis is a wonderful set of posters by Maxime Quoilin. He does a beautiful job of combining two separate poses into one fluent and elegant, yet simple, design.

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Gandhi Trash Art

Not sure exactly where this came from or who made it, but it is hell-a cool. Reminds me a little of the shadow art created from junk. If you know of its origins, post it in the comments below.  Courtesy of Bill.

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