Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology

Nike hired David Rosenbaum of Mothership to create this awesome short for Nike's Flyknit technology and shoe collection.

"With new Nike Flyknit technology, yarns and fabric variations are precisely engineered only where they are needed for a featherweight, formfitting and virtually seamless upper."

Here's the making of video:

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Make It Count by Casey Neistat

This is so awesome! Director Casey Neistat was given $10k by Nike to make a movie about what it means to #makeitcount. Instead of making the movie, he spent the entire budget traveling with his friend Max until the budget ran out. It took ten days. Funny enough, Casey's movie actually shows how you can #makeitcount and has probably worked out well for Nike too. Check out this article by Fast Company for more insights into the campaign.

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