Captivating Photos by Carlos Nunez

Carlos Nunez has an unbelievable knack for portraying women in the most beautiful light. Each shot brings out the best in his models. He describes his style as natural, soft, voyeuristic and erotic, I just call it awesome. Keep up the fantastic work Carlos.

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Black and White Ballet Photography by Vihao Pham

Beauty, grace and form all define ballet. In these great shots by Vihao Pham, dancers are captured in their true essence. Whether in a play or posing around the city, these ballet dancers show off their graceful form.

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Nude, 1936 by Edward Weston

A beautiful photo by Edward Weston as part of his Nude series.

Interestingly enough, while uploading this photo to Facebook, this description was automatically inserted:

"The documentary, called Eloquent Nude, which chronicles the relationship of Edward Weston and Charis Wilson is done. Charis is now 92, and she was a big part of Edward's most productive years. She is perhaps one of the most famous nudes in modern photography. Her recollections, caught on film by McCluskey -- and recreated by McCluskey -- form the heart of the film. It will premiere on March 8th at Portland Art Museum." 

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