Unique Baby Portraits by Emil Nyström

Swedish photographer Emil Nyström created these unique portraits for his baby girl Signhild. Instead of a child's normal embarrassing photos, she'll have these to look forward to!

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When My Baby Dreams Great Fan Art Competition

The creator behind the wonderful Mila's Daydreams hosted a wonderful fan art competition. These wonderfully creative scenes were chosen as the finalists for the competition, but there were a ton of great submissions. Check out the Mila's Daydreams Facebook page to keep up to date with Mila's adventures.

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Jobs for Babies by MondayMonday

An adorable series of photos by Malo aka MondayMonday featuring babies dressed up in possible future occupations. The series features costumes ranging from a Luchador to the Pope. Reminds me of the adorable Mila's Daydreams.

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