Shadow Art Drawing Sculptures by Larry Kagan

Taken by themselves, the steel wire sculptures of Larry Kagan appear to be abstract creations. Under carefully positioned light, however, a more recognizable image appears. Kagan's shadow art plays upon the contrast between objects and their shadows, between order and disorder, and between the material and immaterial. 

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Imaginawesome by Garrett Miller

If you ever have trouble figuring out what your child is drawing, you should employ the services of Garrett Miller. Miller re-creates childrens' drawings and puts the two side by side on his awesome blog Imaginawesome. I love the varying styles and great use of colors in his drawings, while also staying fairly true to the original drawings. 

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Pixar Illustrations by Jerrod Maruyama

Pixar Illustrations by Jerrod MaruyamaPixar Illustrations by Jerrod Maruyamahttp://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l6njwlfXOC1qzd1fwo1_500.jpgPixar Illustrations by Jerrod MaruyamaAdorable Pixar character illustrations by Jerrod Maruyama. It takes the appeal of the Pixar characters and turns them into eve more adorable 2D illustrated figures.

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