Elegance. Desire. Dance. Hyperrealistic Paintings by Rob Hefferan

Wow! That is the one word that comes to mind when I look at Rob Hefferan's hyperrealistic paintings. The amount of details he pours into each painting is astounding. He truly knows how to bring out beauty in women in his paintings. Incredibly, this is only a small sampling of his work. I highly recommend checking out more on his website. In the mean time, enjoy my favorites below!

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Motion in Air by Mike Campau

"This series of images freezes a moment of time in each dancer's aerial maneuver, and turns their movements into static sculptures that represents their motion and style. Original shots were stock photography and stylized to fit within the scene, sculptures and sets created entirely CGi." Art by Mike Campau

You can see the process he used at the bottom of this article.

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La Danza by Hamish Blakely

Hamish Blakely perfectly captures the poses, emotions, and idiosyncrasies of dancing in his series La Danza. I love the detailed outifts, color choices, and the variety of moves he captures. He also has a nice series featuring The Roaring Twenties.

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