My Little Pony by Mari Kasurinen

Mari Kasurinen has a knack for turning My Little Pony dolls into anything she wants. She's turned them into everything from Lady Gaga to Skeletor. These ponies have incredible likenesses to the subjects they are modeled after and each one is done with great care and detail. Check out more of her ponies on Flickr.

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Rainbow Photo Swirl by Peter Coffin

This is a really cool piece of artwork by Peter Coffin. It was created by stitching together multiple photos with rainbows in them to create a singular swirling rainbow. It's really cool looking at the individual photos and seeing how they fit into the tapestry of the larger design.

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Gandhi Trash Art

Not sure exactly where this came from or who made it, but it is hell-a cool. Reminds me a little of the shadow art created from junk. If you know of its origins, post it in the comments below.  Courtesy of Bill.

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Tsunami-Oblivious Paper Cut-out Art by Bovey Lee

This amazing paper cut-out artwork was created by Bovey Lee.Here's his description of the work, "The foreground involves a sort of kids fight, surrounded by giant jellyfish being rushed to shore by the crashing waves. The mid-ground consists of two oil drilling platforms, collapsing, exploding, and catching on fire. The main figure is the girl on the couch who is unaware of what’s about to happen and laughing away. In the back, the threatening waves are in full throttle, while elephants balance on beach balls at the edge of a wall of water."

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Book Cutout Art by Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Alexander Korzer-Robinson creates his book art pieces by cutting around some illustrations in the book and removing others. This art focuses on the "inner landscape". Visit his site here for more of his work.

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