Amazing Miniature Scenes by Florian Tremp

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At first glance, it feels like you are looking at a still from a movie scene. Florian Tremp's photos aren't from a movie scene though. They are actually photos of miniature models. Each model is built by hand with supplies from miniature railroad sets. He makes amazing use of lighting to set the mood of each scene, and arranges them in interesting compositions to pull you in.

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Star Wars Toy Art by Vesa Lehtimäki (Avanaut)

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Vesa Lehtimäki, aka Avanaut on Flickr, has created some pretty fabulous works of art out of his childrens' Star Wars toys. He has created some creative and very well thought out shots from the toys. He even has a book coming out, Lego on Hoth, which imagines what everyday life on the planet Hoth.

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Beautiful Photographic Work by Dominic Kamp

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For being a finance student, Dominic Kamp has an amazing eye for photography. HIs shots are very colorful, have great compositions, and always capture an interesting subject. There's also quite a few digital art works in his repetoire. If you like his photos, you can download quite a few as wallpapers.

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Interesting Photography by Kevin Saint Grey (primer)

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bird on a wire

I absolutely love the photography of Kevin Saint Grey. These are the most "interesting" photos according to Flickr. His user name there is primer. He has a great eye for minimalist, abstract, and black and white photos. Many of these would make fantastic prints.


the human gene resequencerthe human gene resequencer

superman threading the needlesuperman threading the needle

evaporate into infinityevaporate into infinity


study 001study 001

tall buildings shaketall buildings shake


this bleeding citythis bleeding city

The Hummingbird (Pete Turner emulation)The Hummingbird (Pete Turner emulation)

throw Alderman out of the corner office windowthrow Alderman out of the corner office window

doing linesdoing lines

the eye is the soul to the windowsthe eye is the soul to the windows

black lines (don’t do it)black lines (don’t do it)

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