Anamorphic Drawings by István Orosz

István Orosz is a Hungarian artist  who specializes in complex images. The ones you see here are called anamorphoses which require the viewer to use specialized devices at certain angles to see an image. It is hard to make a simple anamorphic image, but he makes creating complex anamorphoses seem effortless.

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Never Be My Friend by Adam Ellis

I absolutely love these drawings by Adam Ellis. Adam just browses through his friends' Facebook images, chooses his favorite ones, and draws them. I love the style and humorous liberties he takes on each photo. You can even get one of yourself!

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28 Camera Drawings by Christine Berrie

A very cool hand drawn poster/print by Christine Berrie. Each camera has a unique look and the the details put into each one are fantastic. You can buy this print at 20x200.

Here's a quote from Christine,"I enjoy creating images that contain a lot of detail. In terms of subject matter, cameras are a current favourite, with a plethora of little buttons, switches, levers and dials. As cameras in the digital age become increasingly sleek, streamlined and monochrome in design, here is a visual celebration of vintage models from days gone by, created using graphite and colour pencil."

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Ink! Illustration by Johanna Basford

Johanna Basford creates amazing hand drawn illustrations. In a day and age where most artwork you see is computer generated, it's a breath of fresh air to see such intricate hand drawn work.

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